Animal Seasons Touch

Animal Seasons Touch


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A fun, interactive and colorful educational app that introduces your baby, toddler, or preschool child to the world of the animals and the four seasons.
By tapping the animals, the children can listen to their various sounds and observe their funny animations.
Learn and play while enjoying nature with Animal Seasons Touch!

App "Animal Seasons Touch" features:

- Friendly user interface
- Cute graphics
- Funny animations
- Four seasons categories: spring, summer, autumn and winter
- 39 different animals - wild animals, domestic animals, and ocean creatures
- Early learning to identify adorable animals, listen to their various natural sounds, and laugh at their awesome animations
- Explore the animal kingdom by learning popular animals
- Learn to love animals and nature
- Tapping games for babies
- Designed for babies 6 months & up
- An app designed for kids to help them discover animal sounds: singing birds, pig squeal, cow moo, goat bleating, horse whinny, sheep baa, lamb bleat, frog croaking, geese honking sounds, rooster crowing, clucking chicken sound, bird songs, forest sounds nature, bird voices, noises of the forest

App "Animal Seasons Touch" included locations:

- Spring on the River Shore (baby sheep bouncing lamb and mommy sheep on the green grass on a coast of the river, nightingale singing on the pink blossom tree, two swimming white geese, jumping green frog, beautiful spring nature)
- Mountain Summer (fluffy bunny rabbit, little baby brown bear cub, fallow deer, red fox, cute baby owl, green summer time, lovely summer landscape, sunny summer day)
- Beneath the sea (bottlenose dolphin jumping, coral reef fish, clown fish is a colorful fish that live among sea anemone, exotic ocean fishes, seahorse or sea horse, green sea turtle, clear blue water, deep sea world, deep ocean environment, under the sea, down to coral reef, deep ocean environment)
- Domestic Animal Farm in the Village (grace horse, hen on nest, brown and white spotted cow, domestic goat, cool pink piggy, rooster crowing, straw bales, dog barks)
- Autumn Garden (happy hedgehog, blackbird eating yellow pears, squirrel eating nuts, healthy vegetables, vegetable garden, fruit garden, vegetable beds, grape vineyards, orange pumpkins, field of sunflowers, planted carrots, autumn leaf colors, fall color, fall autumn gifts of nature, autumn harvest, fall harvest, golden autumn day, season fall, beautiful autumn nature, colorful autumn leaves, autumn tree, fall leaves colors)
- Winter - The Coldest Season (blue eyed Siberian Husky dog breed, cool Christmas dancing snowman, arctic fox (also known as the white fox or snow fox), singing redbird (northern cardinal, red bird of paradise), fresh snow, lovely snowflakes, cold winter day, frozen landscape)

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    2017-01-12 04:34:40

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    Maria Buyuklieva

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    Android 2.3+

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