Army Sniper War Rescue Mission

Army Sniper War Rescue Mission


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Welcome to the wacky world with the aim to kill, target to shoot, struggle to murder and never let anybody know. That’s right, we got snipers, upgraded weapons, trainings and skills, we got dignity to fight for and our repute to defend. Wandering around alone in a scary dessert with bravery, surrounded by deadly terrorist, sharp shooters who have got innocent civilians as hostages waiting for army to surrender or else they are brutally gonna kill them. These are not just criminals; they are rivals of Army, civilians and peace. Come on and buckle up, warm up the maniac inside your veins and lose the senses in your brains as you going to be the ultimate warrior who owns a battle, wins it and conquers the risqué mission. It’s the final call for duty to the real army spirit, indulge and demolish the enemy’s roots. The challenge is in front of you, be the bravest one to Take your sniper, load it and silently dive down to nerve of criminal, start from where there killing spirit ends. They have a mission, wipe out the distractions from your mind attack them, don’t just kills the criminals, and attack their mission in such a manner that they are never going to reconsider that. Fill your terror in their imaginations, scare them to death and crunch out their souls. Hunt them, Take the headshots and check out the crisp of a violent death. Access the advanced inventory, rely on your marksman skills and never let a criminal escape from your sight. Gun loaded!! Target set! Headshot and bam!! It’s ON

Key Features:

- Advance Snipers
- Impressive Graphics
- Grand Game View
- Spectacular sound effects
- High accuracy
- Amazing 3D Game play
- Realistically challenging

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