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Beach Data is an indispensable tool for all professional coaches and players who take beach volleyball seriously. No more notebooks and papers in your pockets, now all of your team data will be accessible whenever and wherever you want!

This is a modern tablet application that we have developed with the cooperation of professional coaches and players. We have fine-tuned a simple and intuitive interface, which means that you will never miss an important moment of the match again!

You will easily acquire the necessary skills for fast and simple data entry just by keeping track of a couple practice games. Then, during an official match, you will be able to concentrate your full attention to what is happening on the court and enter the data into your tablet without thinking. The application will monitor by itself which player is serving, when teams switch sides or when a technical time-out occurs. Don’t worry about making mistakes, the app allows you to go back and correct the mistake right away or you can skip it and correct it later.

You only need to record the following results for each play, everything else will be done for you by the Beach Data app:

- direction of the serve
- quality of receiving and passing the ball
- results of final play
-- type of block and attacking player
-- direction and type of attack

While the match is still being played the Beach Data app will give you an instant analysis of everything that is happening:

- success of serves
- success of receiving and passing the ball
- unforced errors
- success of blocking
- success of attacks
-- percentage of success
-- impact zones
-- direction and type of attack
- the unique Replay Mode allows instant replay and analysis of each exchange as well as an overview of time-outs, calls by the referee, etc.

You’re not tied down by your internet connection either, you can work in offline mode and as soon as you have a connection all of your data will be automatically synchronized.

Safety First! Your data is properly secured and only accessible by you and others that you choose to allow access. Even if you lose your tablet your data is safe with us! You just remotely lock your account, create a new password and you will have instant access to your data.

Other features that increase the ease and comfortability of the app:

- Portrait/Landscape Orientation - for more comfortable data input
- Undo and Skip - for changing or ad-hoc additions to the data input
- Voice Memo - to assist with your post-match analysis

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