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Bestial KungFu - BeatEmUp Game

Bestial KungFu - BeatEmUp Game

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Bestial KungFu - BeatEmUp Game Bestial KungFu - BeatEmUp Game Bestial KungFu - BeatEmUp Game Bestial KungFu - BeatEmUp Game Bestial KungFu - BeatEmUp Game


If you have never played old Nintendo Games like KungFu, MegaMan or Castlevania you might find it hard to play!. For just this reason kindly don't downrate it.

For Hack-N-Slash, BeatEmUp, fast action games fans who like castlevania and metroid/megaman style games. But this game is of KungFu theme. It will take you back to 90s era of console games.

Starting from punches you gain points and level up to get new action. More level ups, more action, more strength, more life and you are ready to fight the scorpion demon waiting for a challenger in his cave near castle. The bosses currently available in this version are -

- 1st/5th Boss, Mr. Lean - A psycho
- 2nd, AxeMan
- 3rd, Big Skull
- 4rd, Shikari. A Hunter
- 6th, Scorpion demon who can transform physical behavior between Human and Scorpion.

Game user interface has old Nintendo's 8-Bit 16-Bit game's A & B buttons. Because many of old gamers like me like those keys :)

- 5 stages with tough bosses.
- Fast music, best enjoyable with headphones
- Filled with Kicks, punches & slow motion.
- Needs tactics to beat the bosses.
- Score based level system.

Get ready for punches & kicks like double dragon, gameplay similar to Spartan-X or popular KungFu theme games, level up of fighting actions go like Kick Master or Turbo-Grafx's (PC-Engine) Legend of Axe.

The best revenues from all games barely reaches $0.05/day. I think you should know how much most of apps actually earn!. I am a big fan of Castlevania games myself so i hope if i get some gfx i can make something like it.

For developers:
This game is powered by my own game engine with skeletal animation support. Its like Big guard characters of Castlevania aria of sorrow, symphony of the nights (CSOTN).

Music was made using Linux Multimedia Studio.
Graphics using camera pics and GIMP.
Coded on Eclipse on Linux.

Game Sub-Category:
2d sidescrolling platformer. Like old 90s games of SEGA SNES consoles.


Updated 2017-01-12 09:36:15


Developer GamesGreh

Compatbility Android 2.3+

Category Action

Source Google Play

Bestial KungFu - BeatEmUp Game

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Bestial KungFu - BeatEmUp Game

Bestial KungFu - BeatEmUp Game



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