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Tired of wondering where your bus is? The Bus Detective is on the case. This app’s super-sleuthing powers tell you exactly when your bus will arrive.

With one quick glance, you’ll see arrival times for every bus headed for your stop in the next hour. It’s ideal for daily commuters, casual bus riders or even first-timers.

Bus Detective taps into real-time data to show you how many minutes away each bus is from your stop—even when the bus is running early or late. You’ll know if just missed a bus or if there’s time to grab another cup of coffee.

Bus Detective allows you to:
• View a minute-by-minute countdown of bus arrivals
• Bookmark your favorite stops to check times in seconds
• Instantly find bus stops close to your current location
• Search for bus stops by street name

This app currently supports:
• Cincinnati Metro
• TANK (Transportation Authority of Northern Kentucky)
• More cities soon!

No matter where you live, transportation mysteries are overrated. Download the bus detective to solve all your commuting dilemmas. Case closed.

Bus Detective was made with love by Gaslight, a software design and development consultancy in Cincinnati. We build technology that matters. You can see the proof right here: teamgaslight.com

Having trouble with your most recent upgrade? If your icons look funny, please reinstall the app to fix this bug. It also appears the Bus Detective misplaced his trusty magnifying glass and some users’ favorites. We promise it’s a one-time issue.


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Bus Detective

Bus Detective


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Bus Detective
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