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Check on Me provides peace of mind by enabling you to track your family member’s whereabouts.

Example uses are:
- Tracking Junior when he is out with friends and not returning home at the agreed time.
- Receiving an automated notice at work when Junior returns home from school.
- Tracking Grandma in case she got lost.
- Checking with Grandma using voice by invoking a call-back from your grandma’s phone to you if she has fallen and cannot get up to reach and operate the phone herself.
- Receiving an automated alert when the battery on any of your family member's phone is running low.
- Enabling any family member to send pre-defined User Alerts via SMS that include the alert reason and the user location

With a few configuration steps you can set up the phones of your family, enabling you to keep in touch and be informed about their current locations. The tracked members of your family are always made aware when and by whom they are tracked, providing transparency and preventing any use that could interfere with their personal preferences.

Your privacy protection is paramount to us. As such we implemented a variety of measures to keep the in formation of you and your loved ones protected. Examples are:
- The location of a family member of only determined on the explicit request of a family member and only if sHe has the right to request such location.
- Your family members can temporary disable the tracking feature, making it impossible to determine their location and or create alerts.
- All requests are logged on the users phone and as such are visible to the tracked family member
- All the location information that you requested is deleted from our servers after a maximum of 30 days.
See our privacy policy ( for more information to that topic.

For more information please visit our Website at

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