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Please replace v. 1.0 with 1.1 (current one) as solubility calculation is updated. There was an error in unit conversion in 1.0. Over the time I will add more features (viscosity, salinity effect, etc.). The iOS version will also be released soon. This app calculates essential thermodynamic properties of CO2. This version shows solubility of CO2 in water (g/L), compressibility factor, density (kg/m3), Enthalpy (KJ/Kg), Internal Energy (KJ/Kg), Entropy (KJ/Kg/K), Helmohltz energy (KJ/Kg), and Gibbs Free Energy (KJ/Kg) for given temperature (C) and pressure (bar).

Including for academic education specially Chemical, Mechanical, and Petroleum engineering, Physics, Chemistry, and Geoscience students this app is developed targeting the audience of CO2 sequestration research, CO2 based geothermal energy industry, up- and mid-stream oil and gas industry, and many other industry applications where CO2 is used as a working fluid.

If you have any question related to calculation methods, or explanation of results feel free to contact me at

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CO2 Thermo
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