Color Splash Touch Magnify

Color Splash Touch Magnify


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Color Splash Effect-Colour Touch Magnifylets you selectively color your photos that are turned into Black and White Photos, Old Photos and Sepia Photos by using touch.Photo Color Splash provide more than 50 beautiful high quality photo shape with vivid colors and have great fun over decorating your favourite images.

This color splash magnify supports awesome photo effects (mono, sepia, hue, saturation, contrast etc.) also. This app offers a variety of photo filters for your photo.

The Color splash effects of photo color splash converts your photo into a black and white image, whilst still retaining the color information - then Color Splash Effects gives you the freedom to add color on picwherever you’d like and we are also provide to your original color of your selected photo.

Photo Color Splash Effect-Colour Touch Magnify is a simple way to have some photo fun with your photos without learning advanced editing techniques and share with your friends, family members & social sites.

Color Splash Effect feature:-

- Launch pictures from gallery or beauty camera.
- Edit photos, zoom in or zoom out, rotate, crop easily fit your photos to the frame with simple touch.
- Select the font style, color, and add text to image.
- Remove wrinkle, optimize skin tones and tap to remove it.
- UI feature, photo and PIP camera will help you get more photo frames unlimited.
- Save image in JPEG and flexible control JPEG quality.
- Color Splash Effect-Colour Touch Magnify does not require internet connection.
- Color Splash Effect-Colour Touch Magnify makes you a celebrity.
- Color Splash Effect-Colour Touch Magnify is completely free download.

Thanks for using this app, leave us your feedback and we will consider them for future updates!

Thank You.

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