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Color Touch Photo Effects


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Add a touch of creativity to your own pictures! Now you can become a true professional in photo editing thanks to this amazing free app - Color Touch Photo Effects! We suggest that you wait no more, but download this fabulous picture editor and paint your photo with ease and preciseness! Apply the filter you want (black and white image, sepia or color effect), and then retouch picture the way you like – draw on picture, zoom in and out, paint with your finger or erase the painted parts you don't want. You can then make another color pop, write on pics, draw again. What is even better is that you can change the size of the brush, adjust he opacity, and use the color picker option to make your piece of art look astounding! If you are still not convinced that this is a truly professional picture editing software with color splash effect, download Color Touch Photo Effects right away and see it for yourself! Enjoy creating fun art!

✯ Color touch effects photo editor, free download!
✯ Edit pics from the gallery or take a selfie instantly!
✯ Make a black&white picture or add a sepia effect!
✯ Add a color pop effect!
✯ Zoom in and out!
✯ Paint with your finger!
✯ Draw and write on pictures!
✯ Change the size of the brush and opacity!
✯ Use the color picker tool!
✯ Use the eraser!
✯ Add multiple photo editing effects!
✯ Save to the gallery!
✯ Share on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter!

If you need a photo montage maker which will be worth installing and using for a long time, there is no place for hesitation – download Color Touch Photo Effects and you will not regret it! Anything you want to do in a “black and white photography” is possible in this amazing tool. Thanks to the photo art color effects you can easily turn your b&w selfie into art. Emphasize your lipstick, an item of your clothes, your new shoes or T-shirt. Don't let your post on social networks be simple and boring, make them interesting to the public and pleasant to the eye. Applying color effects for pictures is more than enough to make your black and white photos extraordinary, be unique and creative, and enjoy this artistic work.


Guess what? The world of top photo editing apps is now richer for a new amazing “photo studio”. By downloading Color Touch Photo Effects you will be able to not only add one color shade to your image but also apply the “color touch” effects of multiple nuances and thus make a color change on your black&white images. “Edit pictures” you already have in your phone, or take new images, it will be fun to make a throwback post and add “color touch effects” to your pics from the past.


Color pictures selectively, it is so easy now with pic editor and effects with color background we provided for you. Can you imagine to have a “photo editing software” which will add effects to photos with much preciseness? This is what you're looking for. Adding “color effects” has never been easier, try out all the options, draw, write, paint and share! Let your friends also try out these photo editor color effects and see the magic for themselves!


Super art is at a touch on the screen away from you! You are offered to have the best “photo effects” for your black and white pictures. Make use of this free download and explore the field of photo filter editing. Touch the install button on your screen, add “color splash” effect to your pics and have fun using “Color Touch Photo Effects”!

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