مركز الذخيرة

مركز الذخيرة


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Is a youth center under the Ministry of Culture and Sports was established at the initiative of a group of young ammunition in order to work on creating a suitable environment for the activation energies of the region's youth in youth and social fields and to help them fill the leisure time and develop their talents and to provide services and activities related nature of youth and social development.
One of the main objectives of the current and future status are as follows: -
Upbringing of youth in the region to adhere to the correct sound doctrine and promoting belonging to the homeland and the nation, so that they may have the ability to deal with the developments of the times and the culture and knowledge of modern technology and exploitation of a beneficial.
Organizing youth and invest effectively in order to ensure their participation in human development and the consolidation of the collective and the values ​​of volunteerism and cooperation with public and private bodies in the areas of youth and social activities and highlight young and talented creative capabilities and adoption of plans and programs to achieve them.
He urged young people and encourage them to exercise various types of recreational, setting up camps for fitness development taking into account the safety of the environment and conservation.
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