Crazy Kids Surgery Simulator

Crazy Kids Surgery Simulator


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Crazy Kids Surgery Simulator is here with an ultimate kids throat doctor, a fun game for kids. It’s a real surgery simulator game with new and improved kids throat doctor treatments and surgeries. Save your patient’s life with crazy surgeries. Operate now!

You’ve got the biggest rush of patients waiting to get treated at your hospital with painful expression and soar throat. Be the super kids throat surgery doctor, ask them to say AHHHH, check what is the problem with their throats and treat them well to regain their health. With a throat problem these little kids might get a problem with their ears and eyes too since they are interlinked. Perform a throat surgery simulation on each patient. Hurry! Complete the surgeries as soon as possible because a lot of patients with throats problem are waiting to get treated. This surgeon simulator game has all the best medical tools to cure your patients. Experience new treatments and surgeries in Crazy Kids Surgery Simulator.

Here comes the crazy ambulance with a patient suffering from throat problem. Call the doctor and carry out test as soon as possible so that you can start with the throats surgery simulation. With such pain, you can’t call it an easy ride for the patients from home to the hospital. This patient has a history of broken hand surgery & foot surgery from crazy surgeon. A skin doctor has been treating his face pimples with plastic surgery simulator. He has been through a heart surgery simulator and has a pacemaker working in his body. Be careful about respiratory treatments, germs and dirt. You need to be very careful to deal with this brain surgery patient history & Act like a smart surgeon doctor.

While the patient was on his way to the hospital in the ambulance, the ambulance doctor had already given emergency treatments and taken his symptoms and history. This little boy is suffering from soar throat infection, which has affected his ear too. He has a sensitive skin. Make sure you don’t give him a scar while doing the surgery simulation. If he gets one, ask the plastic surgery doctor at once in your surgery room.

Crazy Kids Surgery Simulator features:
√ Throats surgery simulator
√ Call your patient from the waiting area
√ Perform routine health check
√ Ask the patient to open his mouth and say ahhh
√ Clean with water spray
√ Wipe away extra water
√ Cure injured areas
√ Take out the needles with a tweezers
√ Clear the fungus
√ clean out the blisters with a syringe
√ Zoom in with a camera
√ Kill the germs with a laser beam
√ Treat the wound
√ Call the next patient

Take care of your patient and help him cure his throat pain by performing a successful surgery. Remove all bacteria and clean out his mouth and tongue. Solve mouth, throat aches, and other issues; become a throat doctor. It has realistic surgeries, medicines and general surgery simulator. Throat problems are different from brain and head injuries and much more sensitive than the ones you see in nail doctor kids games or a hair doctor game. Your little boy or your princess would love to play surgeon with all the medical products, laser beams, injection, pill and complete surgery environment.

Be the super star throat surgeon; Treat them with all the medical tools and medicines at the doctor’s office. Your crazy treatments need water spray, zoom in camera, light, tweezers, antiseptic creams, injection, scallop and medicine for treating the swelling, wounds, cuts and injuries.

The amazing best doctor is here to make this surgery full of fun. Do you dream to become a surgeon and help heal the sick patients? Be the crazy doctor, start treating patients and have fun. Perform real surgeries in Crazy Kids Surgery Simulator 3D game. Such doctor games are casual games to play in your spare time while you get to experience this career as well. It’s free kids games! Enjoy intense virtual simulation surgeries and operations, one of the best free doctors games for kids and surgery games.

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