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CustOpinion is a messaging platform that provides businesses with the opportunity to relate and interact with their customers in the most pervasive and personal way. The platform consists of a dashboard (on web and mobile) for businesses and a downloadable mobile app for customers.

Beyond building engaging relationships with customers, the platform gives businesses the opportunity to gain market insight from the demographics of their customers and the messages they send them. Customers can also relate with their favourite organisations and interact with them while they have access to a directory of a wide variety of businesses.



You can sign up FOR FREE either on the mobile app or at in order to get listed and get access to the following awesome features:

*You can send promotions and advertising campaigns to your customers with rich media contents like photos and videos so that your business can better engage and catch the attention of customers at inexpensive costs compared to SMS.

*The CustOpinion Ad Gallery gives you the opportunity to hold images/photos of and about your products and services to display them to customers and potential customers.

*Your promotions and ad campaigns can also be better targeted to customers of specific age groups and gender without doing mass SMS. Customers can easily respond to your campaigns as well.

*You will gain market insight with every single customer interaction as the system helps you put feedback, complaints and enquiries into proper contexts.

*There is the business profile page which serves as a ‘mini website’ that will contain all relevant information about your business and related activities.

*On both web and mobile, you can easily self-manage your clients and business.



*You have access to a host of businesses in the palm of your hand; serving as a business directory where you can browse to get any kind of service you may need.

*You can easily interact with any business you are a customer to from anywhere you find yourself; making your inquiries known and sending them your complaints and complements.

*The Ad Gallery of businesses presents you with the opportunity to visit their showrooms and shops on your mobile phones before contacting them to make a purchase.


Log on to for more information.

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