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Meet DudeGenie – the one-stop-app for all your needs food ordering, groceries, product search, reviews, rentals, repairs, movies, tickets and more. With your preference and convenience at the crux of its design, DudeGenie is your best bet for an easy, smart & personalized service.

The integrated power of all apps, in an all in one smart, easy to use app. That’s DudeGenie for you.

What sets DudeGenie apart is the simplified search and order process – from relevant, actionable and customized information to readily available chat based assistance at every step, DudeGenie is happy to help, from start to finish. Intelligently designed, DudeGenie takes personal assistance a step further by providing you an elegant and intuitive interface for search and discovery, decision-making, and ordering

DudeGenie for:

Food ordering:
Use DudeGenie for all your food ordering needs – from local and global cuisines to home-made meals, from pocket friendly food ordering to fine dining options, discover the best food options, guaranteed to delight the foodie in you. From Pizza to Biryani, from breakfast to desserts to midnight food delivery, You’re also assured of the best & most relevant deals.

Movie tickets & events:
Use DudeGenie to stay updated with the most happening movies and events in town. From finding the availability to providing reviews and ratings, DudeGenie takes cares of the entire process for you, right down to booking tickets and seats of your choice. Book the next concert, movie, play with DudeGenie

Grocery ordering:
For all your grocery needs, from fresh vegetables to kitchen supplies to household goods to toiletries and cosmetics, DudeGenie uses local markets and services to provide you a grocery ordering experience that’s easy, quick and absolutely hassle free. From online supermarket shopping to home delivery of groceries, DudeGenie does it all for you.

Flowers, cakes, and gifts:
Try DudeGenie for all any celebration related assistance, be it planning a special occasion or creating one. He’s sure to get the best range of flowers, delicious cakes and personalized gifts for you to pick from. What's more? DudeGenie can also get them delivered for you, anytime and anywhere.

Rentals and Repairs:
For all your rental and repair needs - be it cars, cycles, sports equipment and gadgets - use DudeGenie’s up to date suggestions and recommendations for a smooth, reliable and stress free experience. Getting things on rent or fixing them is so easy with DudeGenie.

Household services:
If it’s a plumber, electrician, carpenter, painter, or pest control service you’re looking for, look no more. DudeGenie will provide you with trusted and reliable professional services to pick from, besides taking care of all the ensuing follow-ups.

Use DudeGenie for all your laundry needs – cleaning, washing, dry cleaning, and ironing. DudeGenie provides you the services of the best local launderettes, tailored to your convenience, preference and budget. From preference based pick up to trustworthy laundry services to timely delivery, DudeGenie is here to make your end to end laundry experience easy and hassle free.

Ticketing and travel:
DudeGenie takes care of your travel from planning to booking . For local cab bookings to the outstation bus or train tickets, from getting best airfare on flights to budget hotels, with DudeGenie, you are assured a booking and travel experience that’s fun, simple and easy. A weekend getaway or your next road trip, DudeGenie is a tap away.

All of this sounds too good to be true? That's the magic of DudeGenie for you.

DudeGenie: Convenience Redefined

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