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Evil invaders have invaded your land a world full of action and adventure waiting just for you. and you are the only one with the skills to Get rid of invaded . your way in this cool mobile game called “Fatal Legend:Fighting&Warrior” . Choose a level and start performing attacks with your character. What you must do is to wait until the evil invaders enter your range. You will miss the attack if you attack early and will put your character in danger of being hit.
A variety of pk, play games, cool cool action style so you do not stop!Try this action packed role playing game for the ultimate fighting experience. Set out in the perilous journey of a lifetime where you have to face your enemies to achieve your target!No special skills needed, all this game asks of you is an attentive mind and fast fingers Fighting!
“Fatal Legend:Fighting&Warrior” is a horizontal version of the Republic of China as the background of the fighting game, featuring culture system upgrade, let you step foot pinnacle of martial arts. A variety of cool weapons for you to choose!
Games fighting style biased tough, strong sense of combat, you show a true spirit of martial arts, so you have a different martial arts journey.Fighting Game, you play Fist of Legend Fearless Republic of China, in accordance with the development of the plot challenges one by one boss. I believe a lot of heroes in your heart there is a dream, right? So “Fatal Legend:Fighting&Warrior”you must meet a variety of cool weapons for you to choose! unlimited combos! Awaken the true potential of your characters and make them stronger than ever before!
“Fatal Legend:Fighting&Warrior”has stunning 2D graphics, the characters have nice designs and are quite proportionate from head to toe, details are great too and look really cool, environments are also nice, they look varied and truly unique from one location to another, colors are also great, there is much variety when it comes to color and they look really vivid and clear, animations are also very smooth which makes playing the game so much fun as movements are really fast and quite fluid, music and sounds are also cool, the in game soundtrack is quite exciting and engaging, very nice for this type of game and sound effects are certainly abundant here, every strike you make has a sound associated with it, overall, the game really looks pretty, it is in 2D but it looks really awesome.
“Fatal Legend:Fighting&Warrior”is a premiere fighting game, you'll be fighting a lot of enemies here from the start of the game all the way to the end, there is only one character you need to control in this game and that is KungFu Master, no worries as he is quite capable, well equipped with different martial arts moves and has really fast reflexes, he is also equipped with magical powers given by the gods to be used against the enemies, defeat them and bring peace and order throughout the kingdom, the enemies are very easy to kill here, most can be eliminated with one or two blows, but the game is not really that easy to beat as there are a lot of enemies you need to battle and they come from the left and the right, their sheer number alone will be enough to overwhelm your character if your not being very careful here.Of course, in the game, you are all well versed versatile heroes. The default is the game empty-handed combat, but you can spend to unlock weapons, weapons,We managed to prepare for you battle level with a lot of reward coin and skill improve time by time you fight. property and also upgrade the Rising Star, arms Rising Star debris need, to enjoy an epic battle.With the Simple Commands, you can easily perform many of the game's fancy combos!
“Fatal Legend:Fighting&Warrior” is quite a challenge, the key here is fast reflexes and timing, the invaded may be easy to kill but it you miss your timing, the invaded will converge on you and get overwhelmed in no time.cleanse the world of all evil!
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    2017-03-11 09:36:17

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    Hs Action Game

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    Android 2.3+

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