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One of the most interesting animals the forest has to offer is the red fox. It is quite a cute animal that likes to roam the wild and has a very nice fur.
Foxes are not shy and can create their dens in urban environments, but they prefer the wild forest, where they feel at home.
This red fox in the background is on the hunt for food. You can admire the same fox on the highlight wheel, looking at you straight in the eyes. If you are not careful, this red fox might steal your food, so you'd better watch yourself. Foxes are notoriously smart, and sadly, are also very hunter for sport or for their fur. That is why they hide in the wild forest, where they are safer.
You must share this fox with all your friends, so to raise awareness for the protection of the forest, the wild animals, and the very beautiful red fox that is most often hunted.

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