GeoGame - Challenge the world!

GeoGame - Challenge the world!


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Love to travel? Think you know the world? Play GeoGame, an educative and addictive game in which you have to guess where you are using Street View and Photo Sphere images. You are dropped at a random location, after which you have to look around, zoom in and out and search for clues to figure out where you are. When you know it, tap the map and drop your Guess marker. The closer your guess is to the actual location, the more points you receive! Test your own knowledge, or challenge your friends in the great Multiplayer modus!

Look for clues such as buildings, famous landmarks, landscapes, signs and flags to help you find the correct location. However, be quick with your Guess because after 30 seconds, your score will start to decrease. After 60 seconds, the round is over and your score will be 0! Every GeoGame consists of five rounds.

The goal of GeoGame is to win as many Compasses as possible. You start the game with 10 Compasses. Each Single Player game costs 1 Compass, but you get it back if you score 25,000 points or more. For scores over 50,000, you will even get one Compass extra! In Multiplayer games, you can challenge friends or random people for as many Compasses as you like. The winner takes it all!
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