Gio Ponti in Milan

Gio Ponti in Milan


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"I love Milan, when is modern, beautiful, bold, new; I hate this city when modernity is betrayed with vulgar achievements ".
“Milano oggi” Gio Ponti, 1957

A journey through the architecture of Gio Ponti in Milan that goes throug the phases of his artistic career, from the 20's with his first work to the "Domus" of the thirties; from the Montecatini Buildings to the Pirelli Tower and the churches, until the last buildings which are played on the light effects of ceramic tiles.
With 10 themed itineraries you will visit more than 40 architectural projects, deepening the activity of Ponti through the analysis of some of the works that made Milan a modern city.
On the background of this retrospective of Pontian architectures you will perceive Milan the place where he lived and worked. Gio Ponti was able to represent the spirit of this city confirming, with his work, the idea of an innovative culture of living, open to the ideals of modernity.

Made with the contribution of Molteni&C. (v2)



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Gio Ponti in Milan
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