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Hallway Decorating Ideas

Hallway Decorating Ideas

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Hallway Decorating Ideas Hallway Decorating Ideas Hallway Decorating Ideas Hallway Decorating Ideas Hallway Decorating Ideas Hallway Decorating Ideas Hallway Decorating Ideas Hallway Decorating Ideas Hallway Decorating Ideas Hallway Decorating Ideas


For those of you who have a minimalist house with an elongated hall, the hall becomes an important part in the home, especially the design and the furniture in it. If designed properly will give the impression of 'welcome' to everyone. The article you are reading will show creative ideas, practical, and tips on home decor minimalist hallway.

When decorating the house, the hall is usually often ignored. This is where people passing from one room to another. Usually, this is the place which is regarded as disposal of items that have been unused such as old newspapers, old clothes and others. Because the place is hidden, the hall usually reduces the positive energy of the whole house. The solution? Expand your home interior decoration to the hallway area. Decorating the hall area will show the character and your taste in home design.

The walls should be painted in bright colors, neutral colors such as beige and white, so that the room will look spacious and at the same time reduce the impression of 'horror' at home. However for staining the walls, there are many exceptions to be a fixed rule. If your hallway minimalist home is very large and spacious, you can experiment with different colors like red and yellow, the colors all match the color of the interior at the other areas in the house. A great idea is to color the walls with neutral colors, then put a layer of slightly darker color. If there are stairs, you can beautify stairs with unique colors and patterns.

If you want something different to the wall of the hallway, you can use the paneling. To make it look simple and the effect of 'similarity', wallpaper is the easiest way. If there is a dado rail on the wall, wallpaper paste on the top and bottom, give the pattern and let arise. As for you who voluntarily provide their time, energy and money for home design, plaster wall surfaces with salt or grain, marble flour and others.

Lighting plays an important role in home decor minimalist. You can select ceiling lights, wall lamps and table lamps, depending on your needs. Outboard lamps, placed about 3 meters from the floor, will provide lighting in the hallways and rooms ideal for rooms that are not too large. Lamps can be dimmed or brightened in a row depending on needs. The biggest benefit of the lights in a row that can provide illumination throughout the hall.

In addition to those already described above, some decorating ideas would seem to fit with the decor of the hall. As use of umbrellas at the corner of the hallway near the door, the use of candles and others. With these tips minimalist decorating the hall above, I believe the hallway of your house will not look 'horror' again. May be useful.


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Hallway Decorating Ideas

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Hallway Decorating Ideas

Hallway Decorating Ideas



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