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Hamro Lalitpur

Hamro Lalitpur

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Hamro Lalitpur Hamro Lalitpur Hamro Lalitpur Hamro Lalitpur Hamro Lalitpur Hamro Lalitpur


About Lalitpur

Lalitpur sub-metropolitan city, popularly known as Patan is currently one of the most vibrant cities of the kingdom of Nepal. It is located in about 5 kilometers south-east of Kathmandu. With its urban history dating back to as far as 2300 years, LSMC is one of the three major cities located inside the Kathmandu valley, besides Kathmandu and Bhaktapur.

Rich historic past, centuries old living culture of the people, thriving city development are what this historic city today boasts of. Of the fifty-eight municipalities of Nepal, Lalitpur is the third largest city.

Lalitpur, since ancient times has been preserving its unique place and role in the geo-political and economic arena of the country. For many centuries, Lalitpur was a sovereign city-state. In 1768 AD, King Prithivi Narayan Shah assimilated it into the Kingdom of Nepal.

Lalitpur is extremely rich in its arts and architecture and boasts on the largest community of artisans, especially metal and wood workers. In fact, the literary meaning of Lalitpur means the city of fine arts. It nurtures a large number of sacred buildings, temples, pagodas, Stupas and Shikharas, monasteries, math and Chaitya.

"Hamro Lalitpur" App

Hamro Lalitpur app is an official app developed for the Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City Office (LSMC). It features services that cater to the different needs of the inhabitants of Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City. Hamro Lalitpur app aims to alleviate various issues faced by the people of Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City by offering quick solutions via the app itself. Here are some of the key features of the app:

1. Safa Lalitpur Project: You can check if waste is being collected efficiently from your neighborhood right from the app. You can also help make your localities cleaner by reporting locations where waste needs to be collected.
2. You can find news, notifications and resources related to various services offered by the LMSC.
3. Electronic building permit system.
4. You can report illegal activities to the City Police directly from the app.
5. You can report emergencies and access emergency services.

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Hamro Lalitpur

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Hamro Lalitpur

Hamro Lalitpur


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