Handsome climbing stick

Handsome climbing stick


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Well played climbing bar the days of elementary school I was I have to race game! !

■ Story

Time of the physical education to have that.
They would like the appearance, and girls send yellow encouragement to the good looking guy three person people who can play sports.

The virgin who doesn't think of good looking guy which monopolizes popularity from a girl only by good of the motor nerve and the appearance well.
If it's by the standard stick I kept climbing, you can win the daily daily shade by all means!

Jaundice guts, the virgin who has exploded goes up at last, a stick confrontation, I beat against good looking guy sanninshuu.
And in the wood paneling good looking guy three people go up people and receive a confrontation with virgin by a stick.

A session of watched physical education, girls can never discount to a name of good looking guy.

A virgin standard stick confrontation starts with good looking guy now!

■ How to play

A high-speed tap choose favorite good looking guy, and do a "yellowness, cheering" button, please.
When a goal can be done first than virgin, it's a win of good looking guy.

I'll go up and renew the best record many times!
(I correct and it rises badly and is attention!)

(Music-Note.jp http://www.music-note.jp).
Satanic soul (http://maoudamashii.jokersounds.com/)


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Handsome climbing stick

Handsome climbing stick


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Handsome climbing stick
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