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Do you want your health data collected by Google Fit synced to S Health? Or the other way around: health data in S Health to be synced to Google Fit? Health Sync offers you the possibility to sync Steps, Sleep, Weight and Heart Rate from S Health to Google Fit, or from Google Fit to S Health. And exercises from S Health to Fit can be synced also. Activities from Fit to S Health can be synced, although at the moment without detailed information, that will be added later. Health Sync will sync automatically a few times per hour, you can choose how often. You can also perform a manual sync.

Health Sync is very easy to use. It offers you a one week free trial period. After that you have to pay a small subscription amount to continue using Health Sync.

In S Health it is possible to make a distinction between steps counted by your phone, or steps counted by connected devices like smart watches. One of these can be synced to Google Fit, not both. Please be aware that steps from Gear devices are only synced to S Health on the phone once per day, except when you open S Health on the phone (then a sync will be triggered automatically). Health Sync syncs the steps recorded by the Gear device from S Health, not directly from the Gear device. So only after the steps recorded by the Gear device are synced to S Health, Health Sync will sync them to Google Fit.

Mail to if you would like additional health data to be synced. When the sync doesn't work correctly you can send Health Sync Problem Report to the developer (this is an option in the menu of Health Sync). You can also mail to

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