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Have you recently experienced a heart attack? Are you struggling to get your life back in order after a stroke? Has it turned your world upside down? Are you finding it difficult to get your life back on track?
We know that what has happened to you isn’t easy to deal with – and maybe you could benefit from a little help.
I-Positivity may be just the thing for you! I-Positivity is a four-week program that aims to increase your happiness, well-being and health. It’s really simple to download the app to your tablet or smartphone. The app has easy-to-follow screens, so you can work through the program at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want.
I-Positivity offers you new perspectives on your life, provides ideas and tips on how to cope with what you have been through, and may help you recapture your ability to feel positive about your life.
Scientific research has shown that having an optimistic and grateful attitude can increase people’s happiness and health. This idea is at the heart of the I-Positivity program. Each week covers a different theme and offers a choice of ‘happiness tips’, so that you can choose whatever you feel will be most helpful to you. We know it’s important for you to be in control, make your own choices and do the things that feel good for you. It’s all up to you: whatever makes you feel better!


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