Indian Rummy Offline

Indian Rummy Offline


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Indian Rummy has never-before-seen features making your rummy play super easy and your rummy game that much more enjoyable.

*** Features ***
1. Easy swipe feature to pick and discard cards making your rummy game play effortless. !
2. EASY controls to start playing fast!
3. Use the GROUP feature to arrange your cards into sets and sequences. HIGHLIGHT functionality shows if you have a valid set/sequence

*** Table Rules ***
1. Players play for points which have a pre-decided cost.
2. Each player brings a minimum amount to the table.
3. 13 cards are dealt to each player.
4. At starting of each game one card will be declared as Joker. You can use that card as wild card to make set or sequence. Please note that if you make sequence with that card then it will be counted as impure sequence.
5. You can use Joker as wild card to make set or sequence. Please note that if you make sequence with Joker then it will counted as impure sequence.
6. To finish the game, you must declare your turn by making Sequence (or Runs) and Sets using all 13 cards (Dead 7. Wood points must be 0) and you must need at least two Sequences, one of which must be a Pure sequence.

Play Smart, Win Smart!

Do write us if you have any concern or Feedback! We are listening!



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Indian Rummy Offline
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