Italian in 7 Lessons 4RUSSIANS

Italian in 7 Lessons 4RUSSIANS


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Elena Shypilova presents the free course “Italian in 7 Lessons” for RUSSIAN speakers, an application that will help you bring your Italian skills to a level of comfortable communication on basic topics!

Application developed by

Tailored to beginners, this course is simple, logical, structured and short.

The course includes only Basic Italian grammar, the type of grammar used most by people for everyday communication in Italian.

The whole course voiced by Elena Shipilova and a native speaker, so you hooked from the first minute to the correct sound of the Italian language.

Every lesson is offered in audio format: we provide understandable explanations that make it easy for you to listen to our course anytime on the go.

Don't worry if Italian will sound to you as "white noise" from the beginning. Just stick to listening and after few times you will easily repeat words and phrases after teacher.

All the exercises address a specific topic with useful and common vocabulary. All answers are provided in audio format.

In case you don’t understand something, just consult our language support. You can just write us an e-mail from the application or contact us using the Skype application on your phone. Just call Language Support and have your questions explained.

• Full version of the free course “Italian in 7 Lessons”
• Interactive exercises for assessing your knowledge and teaching the material
• Audio materials with the explanations of the lessons and exercises
• Video materials with the explanations of the lessons (requires an internet connection)
• Easily access speakASAP online
• Quickly get in touch with the Language Support service
• All materials (except video materials) are stored on your electronic device and available without an internet connection

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We will be happy to receive any comments and propositions from you. Write us at

Install! Test it! Let us know about bugs! Study with pleasure!

For additional information refer to our site

The course’s founder Elena Shypilova and the speakASAP team.

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