Jeevandeep Geometry - X

Jeevandeep Geometry - X


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Your wait for the best and the most comprehensive Geometry App is finally over!

-> Download the app today and avail a special offer to view 4 free Geometry Videos.

-> For more videos, simply use one of our many video packages to suit your tastes, and download
any or all of our Geometry Videos. All packages are available through in-app purchases.

-> At any time, Use the ‘Play All’ button to play all the videos in your library.

-> Developed by the most renowned education house in India; e-periwinkle, this is an excellent
application that is easy to use, not just for you, but your child as well.

-> Quality is never compromised, so we give you these videos with clear voice over, and step-by-
step instructions.

-> Making geometrical concepts easy to understand with solved examples and illustrations.

-> Enriching the process of learning geometry and making it a joyful experience.

-> Download today and see the difference in your child!


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Jeevandeep Geometry - X

Jeevandeep Geometry - X


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Jeevandeep Geometry - X
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