Jet Ski Hero Racer 2015

Jet Ski Hero Racer 2015


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Ladies and gentlemen we would like to welcome you to our first speed boat simulator game published on the google play store. Jet ski simulator games have never been this much fun! This we can promise you. How fast can you go as a driver speedboat racer? Even more important, how fast can you go on a jet ski and have perfect handling control at the same time? This game gives you the opportunity to show the world you are a talented driver speedboat racer and a hero in this fast and furious game race.

In the beginning of this fast and furious game race we give you an awesome jet ski to start your pro turbo boat racer career with. The more you win the bigger your jet ski collection is going to be. The first couple of levels are pretty doable even for the beginners. The more level you complete the bigger the challenges are going to be. Playing this game will turn a rookie driver speedboat racer into a PRO driver speedboat racer. The only thing you need to do for this is sit back and enjoy the game.

We make these water motorcycles games especially for all the gamers who like to play speed boat simulator games, jet ski simulator games and water motorcycles games. If so, we have one simple advice: download, play and most importantly ENJOY our newest jet ski simulator game!

Jet Ski Pro Racer 2015 - KEY FEATURES

- awesome 3D graphics in these water motorcycles games
- smooth and realistic jet ski controls in these driver speedboat racer games
- many levels for hours of water motorcycles games fun
- user friendly interface in these boat simulator games
- these boat simulator games are suitable for both man and woman

To all gamers who like speed boat simulator games, jet ski simulator games and water motorcycles games: PLEASE ENJOY THE WATER BOAT RACING SHOW.


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Jet Ski Hero Racer 2015
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