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Let's go to Paris together! Satisfy your desire to travel all around the world and see the wonders of our planet. Pack your bags because we're leaving soon for a destination of a breathtaking magnitude, Paris. Explore the heritage of Paris, the world's most romantic city in the world, in the blink of an eye. Have an adventure and experience the beauty of Paris with all it represents: historic places, chic coffee houses, artistic riches, epic cuisine and fine wines.You can now experience all of this with the least amount of effort: customize your keyboard in a Paris style theme! This new Keyboard Plus Paris theme encompasses the essence of France. Download this new Keyboard Plus Paris theme and install it on any device like your smartphone or your tablet. Get this Keyboard Plus Paris skin and celebrate cultural diversity today!

I need help applying a Keyboard Plus skin. How do I do it?
To apply a Keyboard Plus theme, you need to follow these 3 simple steps:
1 download Keyboard Plus Paris from the Google Play store
2 open the Keyboard Plus Paris theme
3 press the Activate button from the Theme Manager

All of our themes come with custom fonts that match the style of the theme. Don't worry about anything, the special font will be displayed automatically after you apply the theme. This theme uses a free Google Font™:

New layouts for various languages coming soon.

Have something to tell us? For suggestions or bugs, contact us at and we will reply faster than you can say Paris!

Can I change the size of the font?
Yes, from the Quick Settings tab (the 5th button from the option bar), you can control the

Keyboard Size from the 3 possibilities: S - small, M - medium and L - large.

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