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Kontra Soldier Shooter

Kontra Soldier Shooter

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Kontra Soldier Shooter Kontra Soldier Shooter Kontra Soldier Shooter


Kontra Soldier Shooter is a game about run and gun action game originally released as a coin-operated arcade game. Several Kontra sequels were produced following the original game. The name of the game refers to the Kontras

Kontra employs a variety of playing perspectives, which include a standard side view, a pseudo-3D view and a fixed screen format. The controls consists of an eight way joystick and two action buttons for shooting and jumping. When the character jumps, he curls into a somersault instead of doing a conventional jump like in other games.

The joystick controls not only the player's movement while walking and jumping, but also his aiming. During side view stages, the player can shoot leftward, rightward or upward while standing, as well as horizontally and diagonally while walking.

The player loses a life if You gets touched by enemy or an enemy bullet, fails to complete a base stage before the time limit, or falls into the bottom of the screen when there's no visible platform. When that happens, he will revert to his default weapon on his next life. After losing all lives, the player can continue by inserting more coins and pressing START, but only up to three times.

[How to play]
- Jump and fire weapons.
- Keep do not die to end.

- Amazing graphics HD.
- Relax exciting map.
- Classic arcade-style.


Updated 2017-01-14 07:34:23


Developer Super Shooter Ninten

Compatbility Android 2.3+

Category Action

Source Google Play

Kontra Soldier Shooter

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Kontra Soldier Shooter

Kontra Soldier Shooter

Super Shooter Ninten


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