LiDAR VR Viewer

LiDAR VR Viewer


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Caution :
If the file browser isn't able to find any files, please check the permissions in the application manager. LiDAR VR Viewer needs storage access.

Features :
• Developed for virtual reality head mounted displays such has Google Cardboard
• All-native rendering utilizing OpenGL ES 2.0
• Supports point cloud ASCII files
• Colors the points from elevation, intensity or RGB values
• Supports point cloud with normals, rendered as surfel (work in progress)
• Supports point clouds up to few millions points (depends on the smartphone GPU)
• Supports mesh surface Wavefront .obj files
• Control camera movement with Bluetooth controller or touchscreen

Mapping of the controller buttons :
Analog Left stick : forward/backward and strafe left/right
Analog Right stick (if available) : move up/down
Button A/Square : reduce velocity
Button B/Triangle : increase velocity
Button X/Cross : move down
Button Y/Circle : move up
Button L : reduce point size
Button R : increase point size
Button Digital Down : change mesh rendering between surface and wire-frame
Button Digital Left : toggle points rendering
Button Digital Right : toggle mesh rendering

Note :
The currently supported input ASCII files are as follows, without header (The columns must be separated by space character : " ")
• 3 columns X Y Z :
1.234 2.567 3.891
• 4 columns X Y Z intensity (float) :
1.234 2.567 3.891 0.2
• 6 columns X Y Z R G B [0-255] :
1.234 2.567 3.891 125 250 135
• 6 columns X Y Z Nx Ny Nz (coordinates + normals):
1.234 2.567 3.891 0.11 0.07 0.91

Testing point clouds and surface mesh available here :

To improve the rendering, check this :

Tested on :
Xperia Z3 Compact and Galaxy S7

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    2017-01-12 01:32:21

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    Jules Morel

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    Android 2.3+

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LiDAR VR Viewer
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