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This is free App name Lion Wallpapers, consist of large collection of Lion Wallpapers that beautify your Android device i.e mobile or tablet screen and give the best backgrounds.
Escape the stress every day, get now this App and feel instantly released. Lion Wallpapers App have High Quality pictures, images and backgrounds.
The lion is a flesh eating animal. He is one of the strongest and fiercest of all flesh eating animals. The lion belongs to the same species to which the tiger, wolf, etc. belong. He has a majestic figure. He is very powerful. He is called the King of beasts.
The size of a full grown lion is 10 to 12 feet. He has very large and heavy head. The head and the neck of the lion are covered with thick hair. They are called the mane. His paws are very strong. They possess very sharp claws. He can quickly and easily draw them in. Like the tiger he has strong legs and great strength. He has large whiskers. He can carry a buffalo on his back. The lioness has no mane. She is smaller and less attractive than the lion. She gives birth to two or four cubs at a time. The lion lives for about sixty years.
Lions are found in Pakistan, Africa, India and Arabia. For the public show they are kept in iron cage. Even here, they do not lose their fearful nature. They are often dangerous.
Please note that Internet connection through Wi-Fi or 3G is required to download Lion Wallpapers. Download and install this free App and decorate your Android device.
Once download this App, all pictures are available without internet connection
---> App Features <---

-> Easy to use
-> Set image as Wallpaper.
-> Save wallpapers on SD card.
-> Full support for landscape and portrait mode.
-> You can change its color by color button.
-> Save it to photo gallery.
-> The HD and HQ quality and speed of loading.
-> Share all images to your friends.

This free Lion Wallpapers has been tested on latest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Nexus 7, HTC, Q Mobile, Bee Mobile and Sony Xperia.

Please contact us at if your device is not supported or any suggestions

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