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The rules of the game
1, the licensing
A deck of CARDS 54, one 17, this was done three CARDS, in determining the landlord before the player can't see the CARDS.
2, call
Call in turn according to the order of play, each person can only be called once. Call can be called the "1", "2", "3", "do not call". After the call is only call points higher than the front players or not. After the call the score the highest player for the landlord; If a player called "three points", end the call immediately, that player to the landlord; If it doesn't call to licensing, call again.
3, the first call of the players
Call in the first round of the players selected by the system, after each round of the first call the player according to the order of turns.
4, play
The three CARDS to the landlord, and bluff let all to see. Landlord play first, and then in turn out in anticlockwise order card, turn to the user with the card, the user can choose "no" or bigger than a player on the CARDS. When a player out of a card over the bureau.
5, card type
Rocket: double king (king and wang), the largest brand.
Bomb: four card with numerical (e.g., four 7).
Single card: a single brand (such as red peach. 5).
The same two CARDS: number (such as plum blossom 4 + 4 squares).
Three CARDS: the value of the same three CARDS (e.g., three J).
Three zones: value the same three CARDS + a single card or a card. For example: 333 + 6 or 444 + 99
ChanShun: five or more consecutive single brand (such as 45678 or 78910 JQK). Not including 2 points and double king.
Double ss: three or more consecutive brand (such as: 334455, 7788991010, jj). Not including 2 points and double king.
Ss: two or more consecutive three CARDS (such as: 333444, 555666777888). Not including 2 points and double king.
The number of aircraft with wings: ss + with single card (or) with the number of your CARDS right.
Such as: 444555 + 7799 + 79 or 79 jj
Four zone 2: four CARDS + hands of CARDS. (note: four with two not bombs).
Such as: 5555 + 3 + 8 or 4444 + 55 + 77.
6, the size of the card type
The rocket is the largest, can call any other brand.
The bomb is smaller than the rockets, is bigger than other brand. Is a bomb in the score than the size of card.
In addition to the rockets and bombs, other type CARDS must be the same with the same total number of sheets to than size.
Single card according to the score than size, followed by king > wang > 2 > > A > K > > Q J 10 9 8 > > > > > > 5 6 7 4 > 3, regardless of design and color.
For card, three CARDS are according to the score than size.
Shun card according to the maximum score card to than size.
Aircraft with wings and four with two by three and four parts, to bring the card does not affect the size.
7, the outcome to determine
One end after the card game, if the landlord first out a card, the landlords, otherwise, the other two wins.
8, integral
Bottom: call the score
Multiple: initial is 1, each a bomb or rocket doubled. (the rockets and bombs did a left hand doesn't count)
After the game:
The landlord wins: the landlord scored 2 points * * bottom multiples. The rest of the players: each - bottom points * multiples
Landlord lost: the landlord score was 2 points * * bottom multiples. The rest of the players: each end points * multiples
Landlord finish all the CARDS out, and the other two are not out: * 2 scores
The other two home there's a first out CARDS, the landlord had just hand: * 2 scores
Escape points: bottom multiples points * * 3
No one call away: 3 points
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