Luna Square

Luna Square


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By connecting Luna Square and your smart phone through the bluetooth, you can control such as ON/OFF, brightness, timer, motion switch.

Function explanation

1. Automatic connection function
If you have installed the LunaSquare app, it is automatically connected to your mobile phone within two minutes when your mobile phone is located nearby 15M. ( The bluetooth is turn on and display is turn off.)

2. Motion switch function
Without driving the application, just click the home button, and turn on the display of mobile phone, and gently shake. Then, you can control On/Off.(Even if mobile phone state is locked, it is Ok.)

3. 0~100% dimming function
By controling 0 to 100 steps brightness, you can detailed control brightness.

4. Timer function
Timer function capable of On / Off at a particular time

5. Multi- connection function
A Luna Square can be controlled max six mobile phone. Also, a single mobile phone can control max six Luna Square.


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Luna Square
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