MDII Com (MD2 Com)

MDII Com (MD2 Com)


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MDII Com (MD2 Com) is an application for Android tablets and smartphones that can be used to read data wirelessly from the MD II caliper via Bluetooth®. Data is stored as a list in XML files on the Android device and instead of having to go to the office you can share the files via e-mail, Google Drive, Dropbox and more.

The caliper MD II (MD 2) is a modern electronic diameter measuring device to collect tree diameter, tree species and tree heights or lengths.

MD II can transfer data wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet. The wireless communication is made through Bluetooth. MD II can be used with or without MDII Com (MD2 Com) as data can be store on the internal memory, then the MD II works similar as a USB memory stick, and stored data is saved in XML file format that can be downloaded.

By using MD II (MD 2) together with MDII Com (MD2 Com) you have the opportunity to share data with colleagues or the office directly from the field.


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MDII Com (MD2 Com)
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