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Mguru Members will get regular guidance, predictions, directions, planetary situations & remedies to prevent all evils of life n best progressive methods from world renowned Astrologer - Acharya LAKSHMI NARAYAN & MADHUSUDAN Astroteam.

In the mguru membership programme we will provide you the various services whose details are as follow:

1. The most important benefits of mguru is that your Horoscope or hand reading (Hastrekha) will remain under the observation of our experienced and renowned Astrologers for the whole year, so that any change in dasha, antardasha and its affect on your life will be informed to you before time. And also not only its affect but also upaays so that you can remove its adverse effects and make your life go smooth.

2. Mguru provide you the result of all planetary transits (Grahon ka Sancharan) that will take place in a year and its affect on you as per your Horoscope (Kundali) with remedies.

3. On upcoming festivals like Holi- Diwali- Navratri etc. and special Tithis(dates) or occasions you will get special upaays by which you will get desirful n best results.

4. Mguru gives upcoming eclipses (Grahan) results, their affect on your sun sign and their preventive remedies and also how to do special sadhana during eclipse period (Grahan Kaal) that will bring effective results in your life.

5. In new year you will get the weekly Raashifal with upaay and on your Bithday you will get year kundali with Birthday special upaays that are to be done within 40 days of your birthday that will make your whole year prosperous.

6. On the basis of your horoscope you will get to know in detail about Saturn positioning (Sadhesaati, Dhaiya), its affects and remedies.

7. On the basis of your Horoscope, Palm Reading & Numerology you will be given the details of Daily Routine (Nityakarm), in which you will be told about your daily prayer routine (Pooja-Paath Nitya Dincharya) having information like-

· Whom to pray?

· Who is your Favourable Diety ?

· What is your chanting mantra?

It is very important on its own because there are so many people who do not know that After getting up, what to do for changing their destiny, to make God happy, to make their day better and worthful ?

8. You will come to know all details like-

· Whether your name is beneficial for you or not? Isn’t your name the reason of your problems in life or becoming hurdle in bringing good luck for you? How a small change in your name or firm’s spelling can make you lucky and successful ? All such details with upaays will be given as per your Horoscope.

· Your lucky gem stones with complete information will be provided.

9. One of the most important service that mguru provide in our membership programme is that you will be informed well before time about every Astrological move with their effects on you especially on the basis of Your Horoscope (Kundali) and Planetary Positions. This is the first time ever launched membership programme which is not based on Raashi based but based on your Horoscope (Kundali).

10. Apart from that mguru members will get extra Astrological services like special discounts in Horoscope making, Upaay Samagri, Pooja ‘n’ Anushthans and Astrological consultancy.

11. Mguru's Special Astrologers, taantrik, mantrashastri’s team will provide you Raksha Kavach, Yantra For wealth, Taabij, Home Raksha Kavach for FREE in order to savegaurd yor from evil-eye, evil- spirits, accidents, unknown enemies. By wearing or having these Raksha Kavach which are powerful n valuable on their own, gives you prosperity in wealth and in all fields of life.

12. To conclude, you are just a click away with all your specific horoscope details with remedies. Now you don’t need to visit astrologers for solutions now solutions will come to you on your own. So, what are you waitnig for just download the APP – Mguru and get all solutions of your problem and start empowering you to your highest self now….

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