Muscle cars wallpapers

Muscle cars wallpapers


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Muscle cars wallpapers
Muscle cars wallpapers by DragonWalls is a bundle of 60 amazing HD images of muscle cars!

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Interesting facts about Muscle cars:
Muscle car is a term used to refer to a variety of high-performance automobiles. The magic ingredients have always included a large engine and a light weight body. When the American auto builders mixed these two ingredients the results were legendary.
Some automotive historians trace the origins of the muscle car all the way back to when Oldsmobile stuffed a 303 cubic inch overhead-valve V8 into the 1949 Rocket 88. The car produced a whopping 135 horse power. Amazingly, thats all it took to be king of the performance hill in 1949.
The 1960s was the golden age of the muscle car, but he only muscle car offered to the masses during the early part of the decade was the Impala Super Sport with a 409ci engine. Pontiac GTO
The flood gates opened in 1964 with the introduction of the Pontiac GTO. The GTO was the first of the classic muscle cars. The looks were right, the performance was right and the performance was right. These three factors launched many muscle cars over the next few years. The Mustang changed everything. Anyone with eyes saw that good performance, good looks and an affordable price sold cars. General Motors quickly added the Chevelle Super Sport, the Buick Gran Sport and the Olds 442 to its muscle car stable.
By the end of the decade, performance models were available everywhere and anyone with a down payment could spend their weekends burning rubber. It was the golden age of the muscle car.Buick Grand National
The 1970s started out well enough. Many consider 1970 as the pinnacle year for classic muscle cars. Then the world changed, fuel prices began to rise, the insurance companies started raising rates and the economy began to slow down. By 1974 all the original muscle cars were just shadows of their former selves.
2005 Mustang Nothing much happened until the Ford Mustang was reintroduced in 1979 as a performance model. By 1982 a new Camaro and Firebird were rolled out. In 1984 Chevrolet introduced a new Corvette. Buick decided to shake things up with the Grand National. By 1987 the Grand National had become one of the fiercest muscle cars ever. Performance was back. Muscle cars continued to gradually improve all the way to the turn of the century. The cars kept getting better and better and by the late 1990s these new muscle cars out did their classic muscle cars in every category. Performance, comfort, reliability and fuel consumption were all much better than they were in the 1960s.
In 2005 Ford redesigned the Mustang and for the third time, the Mustang changed the automotive landscape. Sales exploded and people loved the retro look. The muscle car was back. Dodge followed up the Charger with a retro Challenger and Chevrolet is racing to re-introduce a classic Camaro. The muscle car is back.

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