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News2Go: Read and save the news from the major news - informational sites of USA.

For the first time the largest information - news sites, from all over the world, in a single application.
Read news, sports, gossip, technology, economy, music, medical and many other news categories, directly from the source.

Read, all about it... in one place, from more than 1000 news and information sites, from your selected country or any in the world wherever you are, 24/7.

In News2Go you will find the biggest news websites of:
United States, Great Britain, Japan, China, India, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Canada, Greece. Stay informed about everything, everyone, 24 hours anywhere!!!

- On the first page of News2Go you will find the biggest news sites (Top Sites) of the country where you are at that moment and with a single click will read their original content through the specially designed browser application.
- Navigate easily to Facebook and Twitter of each site and share with your friends on social networks the news currently reading.
- Add the site you are reading to your list of favorites. Create a list of your favorite site and edit (change the order, delete, etc.).
- Save the news you read in a separate list of your favorite news and read them again whenever you wish offline (no internet access needed).
- Read the flow of news from the biggest news site on a separate page as presented by the Google News Feed of the largest Greek sites of all categories including the main news of the area where you are located...
- Select any other country as default and have the biggest news sites available in main page.
- Refresh with a click the database and see that new has been added (The application will be updated automatically at a specific time).
- Search, news, websites, countries, news categories.

Application News2Go not interfere or alter the content of the sites, it presents it as such, using only the public links of the websites.
If you want to add or remove your own website please contact us at:

Have fun.
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