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Nine. Card game. Play for three. At the beginning of the game, each issued for 100 coins. The game consists of batches. At the beginning of each batch of all players put in the bank for 10 coins. A deck of 36 cards (from 6 to Ace) is distributed to participants of the game. 12 cards each. One of the players - you. Two others - your smartjet. The first goes to the one who got a hand 9 of Diamonds. He lays down this nine on desk. Further, clockwise, mooving next. You can put any 9 or near the card to an already laid out earlier, while adhering to the suit. For example, first player moved, on the table is 9 of Diamonds. The move of the next. He can put a 10 of Diamonds, or 8 of Diamonds, or any other 9. And so on, and even more so ... If you have a card for the move - you must make a move . If there is nothing to move to the bank goes fine - 10 coins and the game moves to the next player. If several cards for travel - you can start to think. The strategy should be based on the assumption that the main goal of the game - as quickly as possible to get rid of their cards. Who did it first - he won the game. The winner takes on its own account all that has accumulated in the bank. Batches are played until one of the 3 coins run out. Winner is the one with the most coins at the end of the game.
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    2017-01-14 08:34:30

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    Vadim Usov

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    Android 2.3+

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