Oil Ship Cargo Transporter

Oil Ship Cargo Transporter


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Manage The Transportation on Cargo Boat that can Carry Heavy Load

Oil Ship Cargo Transporter is a real-time simulator designed to give you the feel of the ocean. Maneuver the cargo ship through various obstacles and navigate your way towards the Mother Vessel. Collect the heavy oil barrels from the mother boat and then unload the barrels at the docking port. Also play as tower crane operator your duty is to transport goods. Take your passenger onboard in sailboat for trip; drive in city locations to transport passengers and travelers in this small ferry. This is a new simulation game with a different concept than all the other simulator games, with additional and different vehicles than the common road hinge truck, fork lifter, cars & ship driving games and parking simulators. The experienced old sea captain will show you the ropes and teach you the basics of the game – for instance, how to build your very first cargo pier. Download the logistics app for free and explore the fascinating world of boat game.

Exciting Ship Simulator game play revolves around shipping transportation

Take charge and steer it in right direction. As an expert driver, you need to handle situations which are quite naïve in other speed boat games. Now you can do ship driving in this cargo oil boat transporter in a huge cruise ship sea like in ship simulator games. Improve your cargo boat driving skills by taking your boat to the tower crane spot where you can load and unload valuable cargo goods near the harbor warehouse. Oil Ship Cargo offers you to drive oil lorry from petrol station depot and deliver oil cargo on different destinations. In this oil ship driving game you have to drive and control a long wheelbase boat with an oil barrels load into it. Choose your favorite Motor ship in this legends game and drive it through the waves on a secluded by passing all obstacles. Avoid falling and crashing into a narrow trench. Evasion the hurdles placed on your way and complete the exciting missions packed with thrill. Make your way safely and quickly through each obstacle course and reach to the finishing point. Transport the passengers safely to their desired destination with your sailing skills. Your key objective is fill your ship from the oil refinery and then you have to transport and deliver highly flammable gasoline oil to different points and deliver passengers, cargo safely with surety of presence. Embark the passengers, let them aboard properly cruise through the deep sea, reach one of the islands let the tourists disembark. You have to take up all procedures properly. Enjoy the cruise through deep blue sea. The ship is not as big as titanic, so you can control and maneuver easily and enjoyably.

★★★ Features ★★★

◆Awesome environment specially designed to be in sync with theme of deep blue sea games.
◆Optimized Game play
◆Realistic Physics
◆Immersive game play
◆Different missions and destinations

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