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OneTouchConnect OneTouchConnect OneTouchConnect OneTouchConnect OneTouchConnect OneTouchConnect OneTouchConnect


One Touch Connect is a full fun and addictive puzzle game to "connect dots" with challenge.Its a riddle to dots connect.One Touch Connect is a simple but a very addictive puzzle game. Unpuzzling it will take full test of your brain.

Its a Mind Game that will Train your brain and put your logical skills to work. It is never easy to draw a shape without retracing the same line. Play One Touch Connect, a game of drawing, and show if you can really take challenges seriously. The rule for playing One Touch Connect is quite simple - Just flow free and follow the lines to connect dots and Draw given shape with only "one touch". The twists are "You cannot draw the same line twice" but as you progress you can complete the shape by tracing the red line twice and the line having arrow has unidirectional traverse.

Solve this wooden puzzle and smart dots free connect puzzle .Set dot to dot by free flow and Find the way to solve this dots web puzzle and Loop the dots in such a way to find the path and complete the graph.Join the dots .Its a game of one touch draw the shape and complete the given dots and box puzzle.

One Touch Connect game has following 3 Modes with four different categories - Single Trace, Single Directional Trace, Double Trace and Double Directional Trace and every category has 50 different levels.

* Normal Mode - A mode to warm you up. Play 200 different levels in the 'Normal Mode' with four different features Single Trace, Single Directional Trace, Double Trace and Double Directional Trace. The more you play the more it get tough.

* Timer Mode - Keep connecting dots for 200 levels with time limit challenge. It has also 4 different categories. Rules are same as the previous one with timer alarming you to solve quickly, you just need to beat the timer in the 'Timer' mode otherwise level will be failed.

* One Touch Mode - It will test your expertise level with challenging shapes and need great concentration to complete. Keep connecting dots and do not lift your finger, lifting finger will end level.

One Touch Connect will help to improve your cognitive abilities. Download it and have fun with connecting dots.By sharing you can ask your your friend that get me out this riddle dots puzzle and unblock me to solve all level os this game.


Updated 2017-01-13 02:32:22


Developer Appspartan

Compatbility Android 2.3+

Category Puzzle

Source Google Play


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