Ott Superman go

Ott Superman go


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This is a horizontal version of running cool Ott Superman, this is a critically acclaimed innovation; through the rich scene images, Q Meng's role in the image and the world's best gameplay players get the praise and appreciation of the world! It is genuine authorization of the peak hand tour masterpiece "Ott Superman Yong Chuanguan."

From the M78 Nebula light country of the Ott superman, once again come to the earth, the guardian of the earth! Five Classic Superman together to join the interstellar hunting, crush the plot of the monster invasion! Quickly defeated the Black King, Bartan Star, Mo Chilong and other classic monster, brave the storm!

Powerful props to help you fly to escape, the use of a variety of skills, to overcome the difficulties of various challenges! There are more rich star awards and glorious achievements waiting for you to receive, what is still, the night has come, immediately began fighting it!


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Ott Superman go
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