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Photo Classifier help you keep photos in order by easy and simple way. You can create special folder to store photos you want to separate it from other photos. New photos will be automatically saved into the folder once taken by build-in camera.

Or you can import photos existing in your phone.

For example, you can made special folder for your pets, favorite toys, documents, product samples, followers, birthday party...etc.

Instead of storing all photos in single folder with messy filename, Photo Classifier provides a clean and simple way to help you store and share photos easily.

By using Direct Capture To Folder(DCTF) technique, user can...

1) Create meaningful folder that related to activities or objects to be captured
2) Build in autofocus camera function for capturing new photos
3) Photos are automatic stored into selected folder once captured or imported
4) Photos are named with relation to the selected folder name. That allow user to read and verify during processing E-mail attachment or other sharing action

*** all photos will be stored under /DCIM/PhotoClassifier, so you can backup photos to computer or other storage media.


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Photo ClassifierAd

Photo ClassifierAd


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Photo ClassifierAd
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