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PHUL Workout Log


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The PHUL workout, short for Power Hypertrophy Upper Lower, is a 4 day upper / lower body split program yielding optimal results for both strength and hypertrophy. Two out of the four days focus on building muscle mass through a hypertrophy training program, while the other two workouts are used to focus on pure strength training.
PHUL Workout Log is an easy to use workout tracker that guides you through every exercise in the PHUL routine, giving instructions on how to perform each exercise, notifying you when your rest between the sets is over, tracking your progress, and a lot more. You don't need to manually create a workout template for the PHUL workout anymore or log your progress with workout sheets, this app takes all the annoyances off you, so you can focus on lifting and getting big.

✔ Simple, clear, to-the-point design
✔ Specifically built for the PHUL training routine
✔ Choose your workout day among Power Upper / Power Lower / Hypertrophy Upper / Hypertrophy Lower, and immediately start with the predefined exercises.
✔ Visual instructions for each exercise
✔ Add or remove alternative exercises to the original PHUL program if you want to swap out an exercise
✔ Edit the number of sets and the rep range of any exercise to customize it towards your personal goals
✔ Easily increment the weights for an exercise with a push of a single button
✔ (Vibrating/LED) Rest Timer separated for hypertrophy / power with customizable duration
✔ Workout Log / Workout Journal with a calendar to see when and how your past workouts went
✔ Beautiful Charts to watch your progress - listed for the power or hypertrophy training, or each exercise individually
✔ Progress Charts for the last 1/3/6 months or for all workouts
✔ Workout tracking and backups to SD drive
✔ Tracks average workout time for each of the four days of the upper lower split
✔ Let's you choose between pounds (lbs) or kilograms (kg)
✔ a lot more

For more information about the PHUL workout visit
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Thank you for your interest in the PHUL Workout Log application as your workout tracker for the PHUL strength and hypertrophy training program. If you have any feedback, comments, bugs, or suggestions please feel free to contact me through the app by going to the About menu and pressing on Feedback.
If you like the PHUL app, rate it and show it to your gym buddies who also do the PHUL workout. This motivates me to improve the app and add new features.

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