Princess Party Decorations

Princess Party Decorations


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Plan a majestic celebration for your beautiful little princess and her friends by following our Princess Party Ideas! We've compiled some general party planning tips as well as great princess birthday party decorating ideas, and food, game, and activity suggestions that are sure to delight all the belles at the ball!
What Do I Need For the Party?
In addition to basic Princess party supplies, like plates, cups, napkins and decorations,
Tiaras, Teacups, A princess-themed movie such as Cinderella, Tangled or Beauty and the Beast, costume jewelry and accessories, princess costumes, a pinata
Princess Party Invitations
Creative invitations can build excitement and set the mood for your princess birthday party before it even starts! If you have the time to make your own, here are a few ideas you can try:
Princess Party Decorating Ideas
Here are some tips:
Form a canopy using pink and lavender streamers. The streamers should cascade from a bow in the middle of the ceiling (or from a chandelier, if you have one) to the sides of the room.
Tie pink and lavender balloons in bunches of three, and weight them with balloon weights. Attach them to the backs of chairs or let them float up from tables.
Fill the party area with huge tissue paper flowers. Use 6-8 sheets of pastel-colored tissue paper for each flower. Lay the sheets on top of each other in a pile, and fold the pile accordion-style. Tie the layers together at their centers by twisting a piece of fuzzy pipe cleaner over the middle. (The pipe cleaner also forms the flower's stem.) Then fluff each layer of the tissue, one at a time, to complete your flowers.
Cut star shapes out of white card stock and cover them in glitter. Hang them from the ceiling with fishing line.
Hang Disney princess posters around the party area.
Play a princess movie on mute. The moving images add to the decor.
Make a sash for the birthday girl out of pink fabric that says "Princess [child's name]".
Create a door curtain that the children can walk through out of pink and purple streamers or strips of glittered material.
Hang a princess-themed pinata in the party area as a decoration before the activity begins. For small party spaces or young children, consider a pull-string pinata.
Cut peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in heart and star shapes to serve.
Dip strawberries in white chocolate and give one to each guest for a truly decadent treat.
Mini crescent rolls filled with jam, chocolate, or cream cheese (try making it pink with a little red food coloring!) make excellent finger foods.
Make a fruit tray with strawberry yogurt as a dip.
Create easy fruit tarts by spreading strawberry cream cheese (or regular cream cheese dyed pink) on a graham cracker and topping with sliced strawberries, grapes, and kiwi.
Take a look at our princess party ideas into practice to find out more. Our Princess Party Decorations in practice, decorations, catering supplies, according to the great party themes, mugs, cups, balloons, table, cake decorations and more about interesting ideas. Download Now our Princess Party Decorations, practice and enjoy.
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