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Privatext - Private Text Chat


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Send secure texts and pictures with Privatext, the only reliable way to deliver confidential information safely and securely and ensure it is completely deleted when you want it to be.

Keeping personal and professional communication private is vital. Private text messages and pictures sent via Privatext are deleted from all devices and Privatext's secure servers whenever you choose- you can even delete messages before they are read. Erase text messages and pictures automatically between 30 seconds to 24 hours after they are sent. You have complete control over who sees what and for how long.

Messaging with Privatext works like regular SMS texts with several added layers of security. Password lock your confidential messages or change your secret PIN at any time to ensure security and privacy. Private text messaging conversations do not show contacts’ PIN on-screen, rendering screen captures futile. Confirmation Texting allows you to make sure your messages are only viewed by the intended recipient.

Have full control of who sees your messages, for how long, and feel secure knowing they will be deleted permanently. Privatext doesn't simply hide messages from a device- it wipes all traces of the message forever. Keep your conversations private and secure with Privatext.

Privatext Features:

Secure Messages
• Password lock Privatext to ensure no one else reads your messages
• Secret chats are sent just like your SMS messages with extra security
• Private pictures aren’t just hidden - they are deleted permanently
• Delete messages from your device and your contacts’ device
• Private text conversations do not reveal contacts’ PIN
• Secure texts and photos with an adjustable lifespan - permanently erase them from any device and the Privatext servers whenever you want to
• Privacy guard your messages from being traced - your PIN can not be screen captured with your messages

Confirmation Texting
• Secure texts only go to the intended contact. Never send a message to the wrong person again.
• Private messages can be deleted before the text is even sent
• Secure safe texting - Confirmation Texting asks for your permission to send the message, letting you see if you’re sending the right message to the right contact.

Delete Pictures with Privatext
• Confidential and secret photos stay secret behind your personalized password lock
• Delete pictures you’ve sent off of your device and your contact’s device at any time
• Private photos taken using the Privatext camera are not saved to your camera roll
• Temporary messenger with privacy - Privatext does not store your chats

Secret Chat with Anyone
• Secure texts never leave the app. Privately chat to anyone you want about anything you want.
• Invite friends, family or coworkers through SMS, e-mail, Twitter or Facebook
• Private text with anyone using their custom Privatext PIN to keep the conversation going
• No Facebook or real names are required for sign up, ensure your identity is protected
• Block contacts you no longer wish to communicate with by changing your PIN at any time

Keep your private messages safe behind a personal password in a secure text app. Leaked texts and photos are no longer a worry with Privatext – everything is secure and under your control.

Why run the risk of having information fall into the wrong hands? Other chat apps won’t give you as much control over your private messages or photos. Private text with the peace of mind provided to you by Privatext. Download the app today.

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