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Project Level Up


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Challenge yourself to get in the best shape of your life with Project Level Up.
If you've already signed up to one of our 6 week gym challenges, you'll need this app to keep track of your stats - weight, body measurements and before/after photos. You'll also need the app to manage your meal plans. We offer a variety of meal plans from healthy eating to paleo, vegetarian and vegan. All of our plans come with recipes to get you through the entire 6 weeks.

For those of you participating in our online 30 day challenge, you'll not only have access to stat tracking and meal plans, but also to our high-energy fitness curriculums developed by our team of experts including Krav Maga master AJ Draven and 2x CrossFit Games champion Tommy Hackenbruck.

Keep track of your weight, body measurements and before photos all in one place. As you add entries throughout the challenge, you'll see graphs showing your progress and tips on how to maximize your results.

We offer a variety of meal plans that vary in length and have a multitude of diet options to cater to your specific needs. This includes healthy eating, paleo, vegetarian and vegan. Each plan includes recipes to get you through the entire challenge. And we made the plans customizable so if you don't like a particular meal, swap it out for another. If you want to switch meal plans mid-challenge, you can do that as well. The trick is to find what works for you.

Our 30-Day Get Fit Challenge was developed by AJ Draven, Krav Maga master. It was created for people who are out of shape and desperately need something to get them back on the right track. As you build a base for yourself and start feeling stronger, faster and better all around, you can move up to one of our more difficult challenges and really test yourself.

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