Q5 Quantum Shifts in 5 Minutes

Q5 Quantum Shifts in 5 Minutes


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The Quantum Shift 5 is a series of meditations promising transformation and efficient brain detox. The series focuses on:

Peak Performance
Great Women~ Great Man
Your Mission ~ Your Life

It is no secret that neuroscientists study meditators’ brains to understand why the practice can have incredible effects on the entire human experience. What you might not have heard is just like an athlete exercising a muscle, the meditator exercises the brain and the prefrontal cortex physically grows.

Do not worry! This is not something you need to stress about. In fact, it is something to be excited about because your brain functions will improve and you don’t need thousands of hours to achieve this great affect! Even better news is, in as little as 5 minutes once or twice a day you’ll move toward a stronger brain, with more happiness, connection with the world around you and peace.

Studies show that after meditating people feel calm and peaceful. They display a heightened awareness and compassionate empathy. I like to think of these meditative results as evidence of an individual’s refueled tank; he/she have successfully stopped ‘slogging’ through life, barely surviving from day to day, and come back as a stronger human spirit in a physical temple. What happens then when people meditate regularly? Consistent acts of greatness, generosity and kindness brought on by connection with their own divinity.

Research shows that meditation permanently rewires the brain and increases the body’s healthy hormones, lowers stress and improves immune function. In other words, your chemistry works better when you’re taking control of your brain, sweeping out the cobwebs (negativity, noise, etc) and sitting in your control center ever-single day!

If you are a multi-tasker like me, with your brain overloaded with the chaos of daily life, good news: meditation is the brain detox you need! As you still the mind and mute the barrage of thoughts, music, game noise and traffic, as you drop deeply into your essence, you activate the parasympathetic system. In this place you grow younger, clearer and radiantly wonderful!

As I mentioned you will find many topics to choose from. The mediations run anywhere from 3:30 to 6:30 minutes depending on the topic. Some of the meditation topics required extra tools so they are longer to allow for the additional steps. I felt these extra steps were critical to ensure the desired result.

Okay lets get started!

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