Rescue Sirens and Games - Kids

Rescue Sirens and Games - Kids


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Rescue sirens and firetruck games for kids! Your little rescue hero has a big imagination and they love to save the day. Do they dream of being the hero of their own fire fighting or rescue adventure? This Rescue Sirens and Firetruck Games for Kids app features amazing fire truck sounds recorded in real life in stunning quality. Real life fire truck sounds, ambulance sirens, and other rescue vehicles will bring your toddler's imagination to life! Whirring helicopters, American and foreign police car sirens, weather radio alerts and a real life (age appropriate) 911 call.

Kids or toddlers will have a blast pretending to be a rescue hero riding a firetruck to the scene or coming to get the bad guys or even flying their rescue helicopter to the mountain accident! This app also features real truck sounds, rushing firetruck hoses sounds and even fire house alarm bells. You don’t have to be a rescue hero in real life to experience the excitement. 911 Emergency Rescue Game for Kids has rescue themed puzzles, rescue match memory games and many exciting rescue sounds to aid in any fun pretend rescue game!
"It's a 911 Rescue, a 911 Rescue! Help Save the day, Bring the Rescue Chopper and turn on the sirens!"

911 Emergency Rescue Game also features real fire truck sounds, emergency vehicles and firetrucks arriving on scene of an emergency, ambulance sirens, police sirens, and even the sounds of a real 911 call! Your little hero can jump in the driver's seat and pretend that they are on the ultimate rescue mission.

This 911 Emergency Rescue Game for kids encourages:
- Active Play
- Emergency Sound Recognition
- Imagination and Creative Skills
- Fine Motor Skills (tapping icons - for young children especially)
- Awesome fun!

This 911 Emergency Rescue Game for kids includes:
- An awesome splash page with real Rescue workers
- High quality police siren sounds
- Fun high quality rescue vehicle images
- High quality sirens and other rescue themed sounds
- Realistic and engaging sounds of rescue vehicles
- Rescue themed puzzles
- Rescue themed memory match games for kids
- Separate pages for fire truck sounds and rescue sounds
- Button to stop sounds prematurely if they become a bother. This keeps the big button soundboard portion from playing in the background.

Your toddler or young child will love this game. Children can grab the phone or tablet and run around the yard or house pretending to be their own hero coming to the rescue. A few of the siren sounds last longer than other apps to provide the ultimate fun and play time. Listen to the police motorcycle siren, rescue hero... ONLY YOU can save us from the fire... blast that siren and come save the day. The day is saved thanks to your little firefighter or rescue hero.

Your child should learn to never dial 911 unless a real rescue is needed. However, they should be allowed to play and act out their own chopper rescue anytime they wish. Now the little hero can call the rescue chopper anytime with this big button soundboard.

These sirens are super fun for pretending to be a rescue hero, your toddler or baby will have an awesome good rescue hero time. However, there has been a stop sounds button added to prematurely turn off a sound or siren quickly.

Remind your children to only dial 911 in case of a real emergency, and to play with this app when they just want to pretend. 911 is not a prank number and the real rescue heroes should only need to come out if there is a real emergency...

911 is the emergency number for most areas of the United States of America, substitute your own emergency numbers from your country when teaching your children.

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