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RingApp is the first app to send notifications, which is the simplest and most urgent way of contacting a person

When you send notifications to a contact, his phone will ring from a few seconds to minutes depending on the notification you have chosen, in addition you’ll get to know if the phone is on sound, vibration or silent mode.

NOTIFICATIONS: they are customizable, you can select the duration, the intensity and include messages.

FEEDBACKS: It’s all about being informed, knowing if the phone is on sound, vibration or silent mode we realize the probabilities of our contact noticing us.

PRIVILEGES: by giving stars to those important to you, you allow their Rings (notifications) to make your phone ring for longer, so you give priority to those who deserve it.

PRIVACY: it is your Smartphone and you have the right to see the notification without informing the emisor, WITH RINGAPP YOU DECIDE.

SECURITY: dynamic encryption in every communication.

Calling has been used as the most urgent method to communicate during 140 years, our grandparents used, our parents used it and we can use the next step in communication, RingApp gives you more urgency than calling with the information and customization of our time.

All this and what is to come make us the faster communication app in the market.


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