SA-Announce Dispatcher

SA-Announce Dispatcher


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SA-Announce Dispatcher provides authorized users the ability to activate emergency and non-emergency alerts to SA-Announce notification groups directly from the mobile app.

Whether informing thousands of people, or ensuring one person receives a critical message, SA-Announce Dispatcher streamlines communication and reduces activation delays by enabling users to dispatch alerts regardless of their physical location.

Deliver text, audio, and visual notifications to devices such as:
• IP Phones and Speakers
• Mobile devices
• Analog devices
• Email clients
• Desktops

Activate devices such as:
• Beacons
• Strobes
• Contact Closures and Sense Ports

SA-Announce Dispatcher is a free application available to Syn-Apps’ SA-Announce customers For more information, visit

Features include:
• Enables users located both on and off-premise to remotely activate SA-Announce notification groups
• Launch on-the-fly alerts to pre-defined notification groups
• Optional text, icons, and audio clips can be included in notifications
• Optional Security Codes for secure communication

• Organization must be running licensed SA-Announce software
• Users must have authorized SA-Announce credentials provided by System Administrators to access the app
• IP connectivity to the SA-Announce server is required
• Supports Android 4.0.3 and above


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SA-Announce Dispatcher
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