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Scrounch! (bouncy rock shot)

Scrounch! (bouncy rock shot)

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Scrounch! (bouncy rock shot) Scrounch! (bouncy rock shot) Scrounch! (bouncy rock shot) Scrounch! (bouncy rock shot) Scrounch! (bouncy rock shot) Scrounch! (bouncy rock shot)


Have you ever tried to shoot a cheeky bug taunting you while cowardly hidden behind bricks and blocks?
Here is the opportunity for you, at least if you manage to master the diabolic cyclical slingshot launching bouncy rocks.

The key word to success is "timing": launching the rock at the right moment to get the right shooting angle.
Mastering that slingshot, you'll be able to wipe out clusters of obstructing blocks, cascade among constraining bricks channels and smash that impertinent bug named Scrounch.

To help you achieve that challenge, you may:
• switch to zen or wild shooting mode, depending on your mood, your target or your expertise,
• deviate the rock flight by flipping your device.

In time you may improve your skills and gain stars to get access to higher, more challenging levels.
Altogether 40 levels of suspense, concentration, laughs, hope, and maybe some frustration too, are waiting for you.

Good luck, if you venture to experiment this innovative mix of brick breaker and pinball.

Keywords: brick breaker, bouncy ball, slingshot, pinball.


Updated 2017-01-12 12:32:24


Developer Serge Conti

Compatbility Android 2.3+

Category Arcade

Source Google Play

Scrounch! (bouncy rock shot)

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Scrounch! (bouncy rock shot)

Scrounch! (bouncy rock shot)

Serge Conti


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